Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Sunday Manicure - Deep Plum 'Glitter Bomb'

As I haven't shared a manicure post before - which is actually shocking as I always have my nails painted - I thought it was about time that I did. As we are unfortunately heading into the winter season *long sigh* I decided that if you can't embrace vampy nails now, then when can you?! The nails polishes of choice - Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect in Deep Plum and Technic Polish in Mad Alice (which cost only 99p! at Bodycare). I'm not sure if the latter is actually a dupe of a more high end polish? I say this as I own a fair few and they are usually a cheaper replica of an OPI polish. Anyway, they are both stunning and as always I just cannot fault the Barry M gelly polishes. I'm seriously going to end up owning the entire range - woops. I've done a pervious post on the range here if you want to read my initial swooning.

Mad Alice is a beautiful purple based polish which also houses glitter flecks that come in different colours and sizes. It manages to compliment the deep plum base, whilst also adding that little somethin' which really makes my nails stand out from the crowd. I also think that this combination has a very salon-esque finish, which is great for when your after a very sleek and polished look. This type of manicure also usually attracts a lot of attention, which is a godsend when your trying to distract from a certain feature - aka my horrendous skin at the moment! - More about that in a later post...

Apologises for the poor quality photos! Note to self: Don't attempt to take photos in the evening...

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