Monday, 6 January 2014

The Necessary Unnecessary - Amazon ID Beauty UV Nail Dryer

As my blog post title points out, this technically isn't a necessary product to have...but if your a nail lover like myself, then it definitely is a must have! I actually purchased this nail dryer for my sister, but I guess I also sneakily wanted to try it out (Sorry Emma! ha). Although I literally paint my nails 24/7,  the only experience of nails dryers that I had are the ones that are used in salons when I used to get acrylic nails now and again. However, since I realised that acrylics usually cause more harm than good - and that I actually have good nails - or so I get told, I've been staying clear of salons and spending my money solely on polishes. Yes my collection is getting slightly out of control, but how can you resist drugstore prices! Anyway I digress, although I've collected all the nail tools of the trade, the one thing I realised that I hadn't invested in was a nail dryer. Every girl needs one right? or so I justified. So over to Amazon I went (I love amazon, especially for anything nail related) and I soon spotted the ID Beauty Salon UV Nail Dryer (link here).

Product Description -
'Designed especially for drying Nail Polish, Nail Art and Nail Paint. The ID Beauty Ultra Violet nail dryer produces a steady stream of air to dry nails whilst subjecting them to UV light to sterilise and strengthen them. Your nails are dried quickly and the result is healthier, stronger nails!'

This dryer had pretty good reviews and although it isn't strong enough to set gel nail polish, I thought it would be ideal for my sister as she only uses standard polish. It's battery operated - it takes 4 x AA - it's really compact and more importantly it does the job perfectly. It only cost me £12.99 however, annoyingly the seller has increased the price to £16.99, although that does indicate that it must be a popular item! Maybe if you shop around you may find it cheaper. I really rate this product and I think its a great 'starter' nail dryer, its convinced me enough to potentially upgrade - which didn't take a lot as you can imagine! ha - and get a more expensive dryer that also sets gel, as I'm also thinking of branching into the 'at home' shellac manicure. Watch this space!

Have you ever tried or considered a nail dryer before?

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