Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Festival 'Survival Kit'

I love festivals. However, being the organised person that I am *Typical Virgo*, I like to be prepared for everything. When I decided to go to Wireless festival last summer, although I was staying in a hotel, I did not anticipate the amount of things that I should have brought with me on the day. For this reason I thought I'd prepare a festival 'survival kit' that in my opinion is a necessity for a care free day/weekend.

Tissues: I cannot express how much of a life saver these tissues become when it comes to the toilet situation. At most day festivals especially, the toilet roll is completely gone by mid day and that's seriously not great situation to find yourself in when your a girl! They are also really handy for any makeup madness, like Mac Morange lipstick ending up everywhere apart from on your lips...guilty.

Sun cream: Although most festivals come hand in hand with angry looking clouds and the festival must have...rain! occasionally our summers do include the odd day of sun. Honest. When this day does arrive a miniature sun cream is an essential. This sun cream is the perfect size for your bag and will protect you all day long against the dreaded sunburn.

Mirror: Ever since I purchased this mirror it has travelled with me virtually everywhere I have ever been. Seriously, I'm talking foreign countries n' all. Its the perfect size, sleek, compatible and it even folds so you can prop it up. What more could you want? A must have for the times when you can't get near the toilets mirror's for the sheer amount of girls inside. Obviously I'm not talking port-a-loos here.

Money, Card's and ID: All essential however ID is a must! Most festival's can be strict and surviving a festival without alcohol? yeah...not great. not great at all.

Hair Brush: This brush is amazing, not only does it fold in half but it also has a miniature mirror so if you have a really tiny bag, there's no need for an additional one.

Makeup: As all girls will be aware, what goes on the face initially doesn't necessarily mean its going to stay on! Touch up's are a must, particularly at festivals.

Sunglasses: Excellent for covering those horrendous under eye bags due to lack of sleep and perfect for shielding eye makeup from the rain. Festivals are also one of the only times that you can get away with wearing sunglasses without any actual sun needed and still look chic, rather than an idiot.

Raincoat: Unless your wearing it, they can be a pain to carry round. This raincoat could easily fit in a slightly larger bag or tied to the strap of a smaller one. It also has ducks could you resist?! This one's only from Primark and therefore if you lose it, it wouldn't be a big deal. They are also great to sit on if the field is muddy. Two in one? bargain.

Extras: Bobbles, hair clips, mints, chewing gum, deodorant, hand gel, camera (although I usually just use my phones, saves losing it which I seem to have a great talent at).

Hope this helps you out and prevents any festival disasters!

Monday, 29 July 2013

A Brand New Me?

So, I've decided to start blogging again - this time properly! To sum things up, my life has completely changed since I last blogged (I decided to delete all my previous posts as they were so outdated!). I'm not going to go into detail as I've not decided whether I even want to properly share my life changing...event? yeah I think I'll call it that for now. However, I've decided to not let this setback completely take over my life and after possibly the worst 8 months I think I'll ever experience, I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, solider on and start blogging again.

This time however, I most definitely am a 'brand new me'. Hopefully a stronger, more positive and life loving (if that's even a phrase!) version that is.