Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Skin Saviour - 'Quick Fix' Mud Mask

My skin is going completely crazy at the moment! if you read my 'Current Cleansers - SOS' post then you may recall that I mentioned it then. I have no idea what's causing it?! but I didn't even have skin problems like this during my teenage years. Who knew how stressful spots were?! I am usually extremely lucky with my skin and my only problem is usually blackheads due to my oily/combination skin type, however lately I've had a terrible red, itchy 'pimple party' on my forehead and chin. After trying everything you can imagine, one product that I used which has literally calmed everything down and is slowly starting to clear this mess up - to put it politely - is shockingly a mud based face mask that I purchased on a whim. It cost me £4.99 which is not only affordable but also a fraction of the price when compared to the more well known mud masks that are currently doing the rounds in the 'blogosphere'.

The product I'm harping on about? Let me introduce you to... the 'Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask - Link Here, which I think (don't hold me to it!) may be exclusive to Boots. At first glance I made a beeline for the clay mask from that range, however once I studied the back of the bottles I decided that the mud mask was the perfect match for me.

The Problems:
Excess oil, congested, blemish prone skin or a general combinational skin type.

The Solutions:
Dead Sea Mud – helps absorb and control oil production
Salicylic Acid – helps draw out impurities and tighten the pores - which really sold it for me!
Tea Tree Oil – helps to treat spots and prevent future blemishes

I am obsessed with this mask, it states that you should leave it on for 10 minutes at a time however, I was a 'little naughty' and left it on for about 30 mins the second time I used it, then roughly an hour on the third/fourth time. I also used it all over my face and then alternatively just on my problem areas. I felt that this made a great difference as it didn't dry my skin out too much and it saved me some product in the long term - win win situation.

I cannot recommend this mask enough! If your having a unusual breakout, then this is the product for you. It has definitely been my skin saviour anyway.


  1. I will have to see if this is available in Australia! My skin was fine for years (after some horrific acne in my teenage years I went on medication and it cleared up) but since then it has reared it's ugly head (Puns help with the pain.) It's just starting to calm down now.

    Good luck, hope they get better for you as well!

    Kate Xx

    1. Aww I hope it is available for you! it really is great :-) Thanks, I visited my dr about it and he thinks it may be a mild form of acne which is crazy as I've never had it before but ahh well, worst things in life! Hope your skin gets better for you too. Thanks for your comment X x