Monday, 16 September 2013

The Biker Jacket - Zara Inspired

So, you may remember the gorgeous biker inspired coat that Zara was selling during Autumn/Winter 2012. I so desperately wanted to purchase it but I just couldn't justify the price tag *student problems*. At the time, Zara seemed to be one of the only high street shops that was selling this style of jacket, however they are now everywhere! I decided to have a little look online and I've managed to find some really good dupes.

Top left to bottom right:
1. River Island - £80 (Link here) I love this jacket! Although there are many biker jackets available now, this particular jacket is still quite unusual as River Island has decided to incorporate faux fur. For this reason this jacket would be great for anyone that wants to follow the trend but still wants a unique edge, it also reminds me a lot of the 'aviator' faux fur biker jacket trend that was very in few winter's ago.
2. Topshop - £85 (Link here) I decided to include this jacket as I really like the fact that it is textured. It's also oversized which again seems to be a trend that is going to last the winter season (I personally love oversized items - especially tops).
3. H&M - £34.99 (Link here) This is my favourite jacket and I'm probably going to purchase it as I just love the simplicity of this particular piece. I also really like the inclusion of leather (probably faux) which gives the jacket a stylish edge.  
4. New Look - £29.99 (Link here) This jacket is very similar to the H&M jacket, however it is has a slightly more oversized fit. This is also the cheapest black jacket that I have found so far, so it's great for anyone that's on a tight budget.
5. Primark - £25 (Link here) Yes this coat is pink! It's not really to my personal taste but I wanted to include a biker jacket of colour to emphasis the variety that is currently in stores. Pink is also set to be 'the colour' of coats this season...although I think I'll pass on that! ;-)


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