Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Product Let Down #2 - Maybelline 'The Rocket' Mascara

Maybelline...seriously what were you thinking? ahhh this mascara is awful and that's putting it politely. I'm usually such a fan of Maybelline mascaras, so I'm actually gutted to have to write this. But, if I'm being honest it is, well...crap. I dislike the packaging, the formula, but most of all I really hate the brush. It is far too wide, which makes the application uncomfortable, clumsy and usually clumpy - if I'm being honest its possibly the worst brush out of all the range that I've tried - and that does have some steep competition, the colossal cat eyes mascara...I'm looking at you! Although this mascara is also part of the volume express range, it does not provide the lashes with any volume at all. It doesn't lengthen them, it doesn't thicken them and it certainly doesn't hold a curl very well - even after the use of eyelash curlers.

The only positive I can say about this mascara is that it's actually okay for bottom lash application, which really surprised me. At first I couldn't understand why it worked so well, particularly as it's so bad at top lash application. However, after I examined the product properly I came to the conclusion that this is probably due to the slightly narrower part of the brush near the tip. It might be an awful mascara in general but as it's sort of got a use, it wasn't a complete wasteful purchase!  

4/10 at the most!


  1. Oh no what a shame that you didn't like it, its my favourite mascara at the moment. It just goes to show that not everything works for every. Great post though! Really like your blog! x


    1. Yeah that's true! I think I'm quite fussy with mascara's in general haha Thanks :-) I'll check out your blog too X

  2. I just bought this mascara! Oh no.. My hopes are high x