Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Product Let Down - bareMinerals Mascara

I really dislike this product!

The brush, the formula and even the smell, in my opinion it's definitely one to pass on. I had high hopes for this 'flawless definition volumizing' mascara, particularly as it's more expensive (£16.00 to be precise) than your average drug store mascaras - which are way better might I add, Maybelline is a particular favourite brand of mine - however, it's possibility the worst mascara I have ever tried.

Although this product is marketed as giving the lashes 'ultimate volume and perfect definition', it is really difficult to apply, it makes my lashes look clumpy if I attempt to add more than one coat and the brush is far too big to coat bottom lashes lightly. Think spider lashes and you wouldn't be far off unfortunately! It also really stings your eyes if you accidentally get some product in them when removing it.

The only positive thing I can say about this product is that I like the packaging, as its housed within a sleek, half matte/half shiny stylish looking tube. I intend to keep this product as an emergency mascara, but that's the only real use I can find for it.

bareMinerals...what you playing at?!


  1. Oh no what a shame, I love Bare Minerals but will give this a pass. Great review, now following you! x

    Stephanie x


  2. I know, I was really surprised at how bad it was! Thanks :-) X