Friday, 2 August 2013

Zara Heels Dupes

Zara is my favourite shop, that's a given. However, keeping up with there prices whilst on a student budget. Not so good... If I had a money tree then I would definitely live shop there 24/7. But as those trees are in short supply, I don't. This is were Primark gets very interesting...there is a GOD! and ladies he comes in the form of Zara heel dupes *praise the lord*. Yes they are not as good quality but on the style stakes, I think there pretty much equal partners.

Expensive looking ✓

Ridiculously Chic ✓

Thin feminine straps ✓

Not toooo uncomfortable (no pain no gain n' all) ✓

Low price (£12 to be exact!) ✓

They tick all the boxes. I for one am converted.

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