Sunday, 11 August 2013

Designer Inspired Roll Clutch Dupe


I love this Chloe/Celine inspired roll clutch/handbag (it comes with a detachable strap). I recently purchased this from the Zara website and although I wasn't too impressed with the quality, I decided to keep it as it's just so chic! It's a really eye catching piece and I've already had lots of compliments about its unusual design. In terms of practicality, although the bag isn't very structured, it can still hold a generous amount . In other words it's perfect for us girls who like to carry around all the 'you never know when you'll need them' essentials. Yes, they never get used... but at least were prepared ;-)

Overall, it's the perfect go-to bag which completes any outfit and with a sleek magnetic fastening, it's fuss-free and fabulous!


  1. Nice. How much is it? X

    1. Hi, I just checked the zara website and it's now actually in the sale for £7.99! Here's the link: :-) X x x