Monday, 18 November 2013

The 'Monday' Manicure - Nails Inc Kate Spade Polish

So, this weeks 'The Sunday Manicure' is a day late! However, as I've had my nails painted for about 4 days now at least you can see how well the polish has lasted. This weeks polish of choice comes in the form of Nails Inc. collaboration with Kate Spade in the shade 'New York Noir'. It actually came free with Glamour magazine - which is still on sale now - and I think there's about 3 shades to chose from altogether. Although I liked the look of the others, a gold and a red, I was drawn to the glossy black as I personally think that black is a shade that is timeless and always look so chic on. I have a love/hate relationship with this shade on my own nails, as it doesn't always look great depending on my skin tone at the time. However, I usually just add a few midi rings, which slightly distracts from the harsh shade, whilst still making my nails look effortlessly stylish. I'm also really impressed with the quality of this polish, it's opaque after just one coat (although I always use two, creature of habit!), the brush is a great shape so its really easy to apply and it doesn't take forever to dry. I give this polish a big thumbs up!

Have you picked up any of the Nails Inc. Kate Spade polishes?


  1. Oooh I didn't see the silver one! Bet it will be lovely, thanks for your comment X

  2. We love Nails Inc polishes, never tried this one though. Black is a must shade this season, great post :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. I would really recommend it! Thanks for the comment girls X