Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bargain Buy - Ebay Perfume Travel Spray

I thought I would write a quick post about my latest eBay purchase! After coming to the conclusion that my ever expanding perfume collection needed to be used more frequently, I decided to hunt down a travel spray. A travel spray is the perfect alternative to the impractical task of carrying around a perfume bottle. Especially as perfume bottles (usually made of glass) + my clumsiness is a recipe for disaster! After a quick Google search, (how random I know haha) confirmed my suspicion that perfume does have quite a short lifespan before it can start to go off - roughly 2 years for an opened bottle and 12/18 months for an unopened perfume. This might seem like plenty of time to some, but when you have a fair few its easy to forget about the bottles towards the back!

After searching eBay I came across a 'Useful Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle for Travel Spray Scent Pump Case 5ml' link here for only 99p and 69p delivery. Although it's from China, it took just under 2 weeks to arrive - which I think is quite good as I've waited much longer for items dispatched from China before. It also comes in quite a few colours including, black, white, yellow and purple. The spray itself is small, sleek and compact and more importantly its very easy to use. You just pop the spray part off your selected perfume, place the travel spray over the top and pump it until it's full. There's even a 'how-to-guide' on the actual eBay page, which demonstrates this in pictures.

I think its a great product and I'm sure I'll definitely get more use out of my perfumes now!

Have you used/or considered using a travel spray before?


  1. Great post! I really want one of these to carry my perfume in, so much easier than having a big bottle in my bag! Thank's for the link to ebay :)


    1. It's so handy isn't it! No problem, thanks for your comment X