Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Navy Coat - Zara Dupe

If your a regular reader of my blog then you'll already be aware that I am in love obsessed with Zara. Every time I click on that website, which is very frequently might I add - I have to restraint myself from adding everything to my basket. However, its not exactly the most affordable website as most of you will probably agree. Since the beginning of autumn I have been on the search for the perfect winter coat. I'm not sure the 'perfect' coat exists, well on the high street anyway, but I'll have to admit that this Navy Zara coat comes pretty close. However, at £129 its not exactly a bargain buy. This is where my quest to find a dupe began and from what I've found, I think I've done a pretty good job if I do say so myself! H&M never fails, their Trend collection always has me weak at the knees - I'd even say that it sometimes actually exceeds Zara, both in design and quality - ...yes I did just say that.

Their coat selection did not disappoint and when I first spotted the coat on the left, I immediately recognised the similarities to the Zara coat. It's definitely one of the best dupes that I came across in my search. However, it's actually really oversized and being petite, I just knew that it would swamp me. It would be perfect though for anybody of average height and its actually just gone into the sale today at the bargain price of £20. Although I was initially really disappointed, I soon spotted the coat on the right. Although this has a slightly different design, it still has all the characteristics of the Zara coat but with a slight twist. It's much more fitted, its slightly longer so therefore its a more suitable length for winter and most importantly it definitely suits my body shape much better. I was sold, at £24.99 - I couldn't actually believe how cheap it was - it doesn't exactly break the bank and it definitely looks more expensive!

Have you found your 'perfect' winter coat yet?


  1. i have actually been loving H&M at the moment for their skater dresses and i agree that their quality is really really good-well made and last ages without falling apart!im actually just starting my search for a new winter coat now which is prob a bit silly but oh well- decided it was time to buy a new one:)xx

    1. You should definitely check out H&M's coats! They have some gorgeous ones at the moment and the Trend section is particularly spot on!! X x